Things to Consider When Looking for Wedding Venues in Washington DC

Searching for the venue to hold your wedding at is one of the biggest choices you have to make during the planning process. There are so many things to consider as you search for the perfect wedding venues in Washington, DC. Here are some of the key points you need to keep in mind during your search:

A Roomy Fit

An obvious point, but still one that must be kept in mind, is to ensure that the venue you choose has enough room for everyone. Depending on the size of the guest list, the size of the wedding party, and plans for the reception, you may need a larger place for your big event. Consider decoration and catering needs too and make sure there is plenty of room for everyone to move around and be comfortable.

Eating, Drinking and Partying Areas

There should be room set aside for a DJ, dance area, socializing, catering, and other areas if you want to have activities during and after the ceremony. You also need to make sure the layout of the venue is conducive to your wedding day plans and that structural features like columns and ceiling height do not conflict with your plans.

Privacy is Key!

Privacy needs can vary widely from one wedding to the next and the amount of privacy you can expect will also vary widely from place to place. Even a public location like a park or outdoor area needs to have some place for those private moments of getting ready. Also remember that hotels, conference centers, parks, and golf courses may have other events going on the same day as well.

A Great View and Stunning Background

What will be in the background of the photos? What is the view your guests see when they first enter the venue? Whether it’s a skyline, greenery, natural settings, or a stunning view of the water or sky, having a good background and view can set the entire mood for the wedding.

Plenty of Parking

Make sure the venue you choose has enough easy access parking for all your guests. You need an easy and convenient way to get everyone to the venue. You will also need to consider any limitations your guests may have and ensure all venue areas are accessible by wheelchair in case the need arises.

If you need help finding the best wedding venues in Washington DC, Rodney Bailey has years of experience working with a wide array of wedding venues and can offer tips and ideas to make your big day the best that it can possibly be!

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