A Simply Perfect Wedding Day | Consider a First Look

Congratulations to our wonderful couple, Rebecca & Jake! Not only did they have the most amazing wedding at the beautiful Historic London Town & Gardens, but they also did SO MANY THINGS RIGHT on their big day (okay, maybe everything right in our opinion)! They’ve inspired this “A Simply Perfect Wedding Day” blog series, so you can be inspired to incorporate these elements to make your big day as special and perfect as theirs. It only seems fitting for the first in the series to be about the First Look!

We love when our couples plan to see each other before their wedding ceremony. It’s not a must, but we certainly have seen huge benefits for the bride and groom when doing a First Look. We’ve all heard of those people at weddings that, rather than watch the bride, watch the groom. It’s because of that oh-so tender moment when a man sees the woman of his dreams walking towards him to start their forever.

Why consider a First Look?


A First Look cocoons all that tenderness into a private, intimate moment. The bride can now focus only on the groom, not on the crowd, the pace of her walk, or encouragement her father might be whispering in her ear. The groom is also free to focus only on his bride, not on the crowd, to make sure he’s not lock-kneed, and if it’s okay if he cries. (It’s always okay, men… highly encouraged really!)

A First Look secures one of the few coveted times a bride and groom get to have alone time. Beyond the sentimentality of the first time seeing each other, it ensures that there are a few moments in which you can encourage, affirm, and cherish each other. There will be so many wonderful moments on your wedding day, but almost each and every one of those moments will incorporate someone other than just your significant other.

A First Look allows the bride and groom to take their pictures together before the ceremony, therefore, offering flexibility to minimize the time for pictures afterward. This also means it can potentially cut down time in between the end of the ceremony and getting to the party….I mean, reception.


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