Engagement Photographer in Washington DC | The “First Look” | Is it for You?

Weddings are full of traditions – cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet/garter, saying “I do.” As these traditions are something that most of us want to experience with our life partner, times are changing! Traditions evolve, and we have seen a new trend of “the first look”. If you are unfamiliar, this is where the bride and groom meet before the ceremony. They get to see each other all dressed up in wedding attire for the first time. While the first look is beautiful, and something that I am seeing a lot of as an engagement photographer in Washington DC, it’s not for everybody! Are you unsure on if this new trend is right for you? Here is a list of pros and cons to help you out!

Is the “First Look” for You?


Time to Reflect – Having a first look gives you ample amount of time to spend with your partner. It allows you to reflect on what brought you to this big day. You can reminisce, talk about how much you love one another, and tell your new spouse how excited you are to be tying the knot.

Time to Calm Down the Nerves – Getting married is a big deal! It’s expected to be anxious or nervous during this time. Seeing your partner beforehand will allow you to get out most of your jitters.

Intimate Time for Just the Two of You – This is a wonderful time to share any feelings and emotions for your loved one without being watched by an entire crowd. I see lots of couples read a letter or even say their vows during the first look.

Less Time Doing Portraits – Pictures usually take place in between the ceremony and the reception. This can be time-consuming, and your guests (outside of the wedding party) will often wait to celebrate until the bride and groom are finished. Taking first look pictures beforehand will minimize the time it takes to take during this part of the day.


Not Traditional – The first look is not part of the traditional weddings that have taken place over the years. If you don’t want to veer from that, then this is not for you!

Not the Same Reaction Down the Aisle – Many people love to see the groom’s reaction as his bride walks down the aisle for the first time. Since you see your partner before the ceremony, the reaction may not be the same. But still as touching as ever!

Regardless of whether you opt for the first look or not, we will be there the entire way as your engagement photographer in Washington DC. Each look, moment and memory will be captured and documented to be enjoyed for a lifetime to come.


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