Giselle and Darin in Old Town Alexandria

Giselle and Darin in Old Town Alexandria

“Old Town Alexandria is a quaint historic town just on the other side of the Potomac River from Washington, DC. Today, Old Town Alexandria, VA is a revitalized waterfront with cobblestone streets, colonial houses and churches, museums, shops and restaurants.” Travel

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I joined Giselle and Darin for their engagement session photo shoot in Old Town Alexandria, VA this summer. It was the perfect location for their photo shoot because Old Town Alexandria is also where Giselle and Darin got engaged.  Wonderful couple and beautiful images!

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How and where did you meet?

We met initially on Darin was just about “done” with Match and Giselle was just coming online. We crossed “paths” and voila! We spoke on the phone at length and followed that up with our first date.

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How and where did you get engaged?

Darin invited Giselle to dinner at the Brabo Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, VA. We sat at the table nearest the window facing King Street. Darin ordered champagne before dinner (a clear clue that something big was coming). After a bit, Darin left to visit the men’s room and returned a few minutes later with the waiter in tow. He had given his iPhone to the waiter to record the event, so Giselle was surprised to see Darin approach the table with the waiter following with video going. Darin asked Giselle to stand and commenced with his proposal on one knee, ring and all. It was a beautifully planned and executed proposal, if I may say so (Darin).

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Tell us something special or unique about your Bride/Groom.

Giselle:  His big heart! Darin’s so special in many ways; it’s hard to name just one. His unconditional heart teaches me about love and kindness every day. 

Darin:  Special – Giselle’s soothing voice takes me to another place. From our first telephone conversation to our frequent late night Backgammon banter, Giselle’s manner of speaking simply puts me at ease, disarms me, and relaxes everyone and everything within earshot.

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Wedding Theme?

A simple 1920’s Parisian wedding in Paris, France

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Credit:  Old Town Alexandria, VA

Vendor Information:  Giselle is the owner of Hair by Giselle specializing in bridal hair and large wedding parties


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Old Town Alexandria, VA near Washington DC makes a beautiful setting for engagement session photography.

Wedding Photography in Old Town Alexandria by Rodney Bailey.

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