Marriage Proposal Photographer Maryland

Marriage Proposal Photographer Maryland

We are the most reliable and trusted Marriage Proposal Photographers Maryland offers, noted for our passion and creativity in capturing our clients most important and celebrated life events. Our services have taken the world of wedding and marriage proposal photography by storm for over two decades, and we are honored to put our passion, knowledge, experience and creativity to work for you. In addition to our expert photographers that leave no moment uncaptured, we offer location and timing recommendations for your marriage proposal in Maryland and provide customized photography services to suit your proposal plans, photography needs and budget.

How will you pop the question?

Once you announce your engagement, the next question immediately follows: “how did you pop the question?” Let our professional photographs help you retell your proposal story to friends, family and coworkers. We want you to enjoy and be fully immersed in your proposal, while we secretly capture the unfolding events. We truly believe in capturing your marriage proposal so your photographs will embody all of the details, excitement and pure joy of this wonderful occasion.  You will have a gallery full of beautiful photographs of your proposal for to enjoy and share for years to come.  Plus, we offer a set of sneak-peak photos that you can immediately share or post online to share your great news.

Capturing your proposal

As one of the best known Marriage Proposal Photographer Maryland, Rodney Bailey is often asked about the “must have” photographs for the best proposal photography.  While every marriage proposal is as unique as the couple, we have crafted our photography services to always include:

  • Photographs of the location and setting of your marriage proposal
  • Photojournalistic coverage of the moments leading up to the ‘big question’
  • Complete documentation of the “on bended knee photos” and the looks of amazement that quickly follow
  • Expertly captured photos of your partner’s reactions, emotions and the moment she or he says “YES!”
  • Post-Proposal photographs of you and your fiancé to celebrate your engagement
  • The Ring Shot (otherwise known as the bling shot!)

Our one-of-a-kind approach to proposal photography is inspired by over two decades of wedding and event photography experience.  We specialize in photojournalistic coverage of life celebrations and have mastered the art of secretly capturing the most important elements of your marriage proposal.