Professional Photographers in Northern VA | Breaking the Norm | Elopements

Professional Photographers in Northern VA | Breaking the Norm | Elopements

Several years ago, long before I was one of the top professional photographers in Northern VA if someone mentioned that a couple eloped it usually meant that a bundle of joy would be coming soon or signified an act of defiance by young couples whose parents had not blessed the marriage. But now, elopements are on the rise and for good reason! An elopement could mean that the couple just wants to focus on their love and not get lost in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning or that they want to have a destination wedding without making guests feel obligated to attend

So often, we see couples get lost in the details and forget what truly brought them together in the first place. I’ve even watched couples call off weddings in the middle of planning because of the stress and pressure. There is a time and place for big, ornate weddings—the excitement of planning brings some couples together even more—but it isn’t for everyone. Choosing to have a small, intimate wedding or elopement by no means makes it less significant.

Take a peek at these five reasons to consider if an elopement is right for you:

Repurpose your money.

Maybe after talking to your partner you realize that having a big wedding was never a dream for either of you…but traveling is. Instead of having a large wedding and skimping on the honeymoon, say your vows and then go big on a once-in-a-lifetime trip! The memories are there for the making!

Time is of the essence.

I’m not necessarily talking about a shotgun wedding to beat the due date. There are plenty of reasons couples face a time crunch: military deployment, job transitions, and travel situations are just a few situations that make elopement more practical or necessary.

Relieve stress.

Even with all of her magical wedding planning tricks, a wedding planner can’t eliminate nosy and opinionated people. If large crowds, argumentative family members, or awkward small talk make you cringe, doing a more intimate wedding may be your saving grace. You can focus on tying the knot and sharing your love without any distractions.

See the world!

Do you and your partner dream of saying your vows on a remote island surrounded by the ocean blue? Inviting 400 guests just isn’t practical, but remember that just because you elope doesn’t mean you can’t have guests, cake and flowers. Many destination venues have beautiful wedding packages that you select from the comfort of your sofa, and it’s all ready when you arrive! Just invite your closet friends and family who will probably love the opportunity to travel to a beautiful location and celebrate with you!

Seize the moment!

You met your soulmate, so why wait?! If you both of you want to skip the line and get on to your next adventure, waltz over to the courthouse or hop on a plane to Vegas. After you tie the knot, you’ll be ready to take on the world hand-in-hand!

Professional Photographers in Northern VA Professional Photographers in Northern VA Professional Photographers in Northern VA Professional Photographers in Northern VA

Being one of the premiere Professional Photographers in Northern VA, I’ve seen every type of wedding, from huge to small. Each love story is beautiful!

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