Washington DC Engagement Photographer | Indoor vs. Outdoor Sessions | Which is Right for You?

Washington DC Engagement Photographer | Indoor vs. Outdoor Sessions | Which is Right for You?

Think back to past holiday seasons. Do your memories include dressing in coordinating outfits and traveling to a studio to take family portraits? One person balanced on the stool with everyone else crowding around. One of the kids would keep wrinkling the backdrop. Hands, arms, feet and chins all had to be manipulated into perfect poses, and someone always forced an awkward smile like Chandler in the classic episode of Friends. Now, as an experienced Washington DC Engagement Photographer, I look back on those staged session. I can’t help but chuckle as I think back to those quintessential staged session days. 

An Updated Approach

Although we still cherish those memories and those photos, your engagement photos do not have to look like they were taken in the 90’s. With modern technology and techniques, your engagement session can take place almost anywhere.But how do you choose between an outdoor or indoor session? We’ll share some pros and cons to both, but remember to pick the option that best reflects you as a couple—your story and your personality.

Outdoor Sessions

In an outdoor session, Mother Nature creates the backdrop, and she has some pretty amazing ones. Outdoor sessions generally feel more organic and natural and provide plenty of variety—including everything from open, grassy fields with fun props to secluded spots near the water with overhanging trees. You can always find a place with beautiful landscapes and flowers, even in the winter. Plus, natural light always seems to give an incomparable glow.

Indoor Sessions

On the other hand, indoor sessions can take place at a memorable, historic, or architecturally appealing venue. Lighting and temperature are controllable, so you are not limited to a certain time of day. Depending on the location, an indoor shoot could potentially offer more privacy if being intimate in front of others is difficult. Indoor locations create a more sophisticated, refined look, while outdoor sessions produce more whimsical shots.

Ultimately, the most important thing to take into account when choosing the location is whether it is special and enjoyable for you and the one you love—we aim to make your session perfect and memorable, creating photos that you can’t wait to share. And, if you can’t decide, why not do both?!

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Whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor session, trust us as your Washington DC Engagement Photographer to execute your personal vision!

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