Washington DC Wedding Photographer | Cake Trends of 2018

Washington DC Wedding Photographer | Cake Trends of 2018

With Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media outlets full of ideas and inspiration, wedding planning (or choosing) is harder than it used to be. An abundance of options for everything from dress style to floral arrangements can be more overwhelming than helpful. As your Washington DC Wedding Photographer, we want to help you enjoy the planning period and have confidence in what you decide to go with by offering posts on how to choose the options that best fit YOU and your other half.

So, let’s talk about the sweet stuff. Cake! There are plenty of unique options out there. Along with pastry chefs who are excited to pull off your vision. Here are a few of our favorite styles:


Need a little shimmer and shine for your big day? With edible luster dust, you can design a luxurious golden cake, or you can add just a few subtle metallic highlights to a classic cake. Luster dust comes in just about any metallic color, including silver, bronze, and even trendy rose gold. This is a great option if you really want to showcase the cake.


Looking for a cake dripping with sweetness? Decadent drip cakes are a tasty trend right now. You can dress up a cake by incorporating a few simple frosting drips over the side, or you can go all out with more complex and rich drips like chocolate ganache, caramel, or fruit flavors that tempt all who walk by. You can even choose colored drips that fit your wedding theme!


Or are you looking for elegant simplicity? Naked cakes are also commonly called “rustic, exposed, or half-dressed” cakes. This is a very versatile style. You can keep it lightly frosted with the cake subtly showing through, or it can be completely naked with frosting just on the top (or none at all). These cakes are nice because they can be decorated however you like—floral designs, fruit, cake toppers, etc. Dress it up or just let it be!


Want to embrace your inner artist? Watercolor cakes are also fairly versatile and fun, but still wedding-perfect. The watercolor look can be done with both buttercream and fondant, and you can use just about any color combination—pastel, bold, or ombré. The lightly-smudged frosting around the edge with blended colors looks like an artist carefully painted a watercolor piece around the sides of the cake.

And if all of those intrigue you, why not do a little bit of each?! A naked cake with subtle ombré hues and metallic details (with a few enticing drips along the side) might be exactly what you’re looking for. But in the end, remember that no matter what style you choose, whether its trendy or classic, it’s the memories made on your wedding day that count the most.

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One of my favorite parts of wedding photography as a Washington DC Wedding Photographer is capturing all of the yummy sweet treats!!

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