Saying “I do” to your Washington DC Wedding Photography Professional

Washington DC Wedding Photography Professional

When it comes to your wedding, there are so many choices to make leading up to the big day. Picking the right vendors is vitally important and can ultimately make or break the execution of your vision, especially when it comes to your Washington DC wedding photography professional. The last thing you need is a caterer who shows up late, a DJ who is less than enthusiastic, or a photographer who can’t keep up. To avoid the dreaded vendor pitfalls, here are my top three tips on how to choose a wedding photographer:

Tip #1:  Decide on a style you want, then find a photographer who captures your style.

  1. Traditional: If you’ve always loved thumbing through classic albums, and envision a timeless look, this may be your best fit.
  2. Photojournalism: Are documentaries your thing? You may want to look into this chronological style of story-telling.
  3. Fine Art: If you’ve been saving pages from bridal magazines or spending hours on Pinterest admiring the latest photography trends, a fine art photographer may suit your specific style.
  4. High Fashion: A little edgier than the traditional style, you may find this high drama, glamorous style right up your alley.



Tip #2:  Do your homework. 

  1. Read reviews: Make sure the photographer you choose has a good reputation and a hefty list of satisfied clients. However, don’t rely entirely on online reviews.
  2. Reach out to local friends and get their recommendations: Your friends may know the perfect wedding photographer, or you may know some who recently were married and can’t stop raving about how amazing their collection is. This will especially come in handy if you’ve seen the finished product and are really drawn to that particular photographer’s work.
  3. Review online galleries: Be sure to vet the work of any potential candidates by looking through their galleries and blogs to see their consistent product. Make sure their style still fits your vision.


Tip #3: Set up interviews. 

  1. Ask about any questions or concerns: Have a checklist of your expectations and try to gauge if the photographer is capable of meeting them. Are they rigid in their style or are they flexible and willing to try new things? Are they open to suggestions and willing to bounce ideas between you?
  2. Personalities must mesh well: Your photographer is going to be a huge part of your wedding, so you want to get along well and feel comfortable with them. Be sure you trust them with this huge task!

Choosing vendors for your wedding can be incredibly overwhelming. Oftentimes, it’s the second biggest commitment that day next to saying your vows. I hope this list helps you narrow down the Washington DC wedding photography professional to fit your needs, and in the end, just as you did with your spouse, make sure you follow your heart and everything will work out perfectly!




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