Getting the Perfect Photos at your Baltimore Wedding

Wedding photographers have a lot of responsibility riding on their shoulders. The wedding couple is expecting them to get the best shots possible of their big day. This is a tall order, but there are things photographers can do to ensure they get those perfect photos. Wedding photography in Baltimore can be made perfect by keeping these things in mind:

Plan on half the time you are told you will have with the couple.

Weddings always run late. If the bride says that they have an hour to commit to photos with you after the ceremony, take it to mean you will end up with half an hour. Your time to work one-on-one with the new couple is precious, so you need to be able to get the best photos you can and maximize your time.

Know which family is going to be arriving first so photos can be planned.

Nothing is worse for a wedding photographer than trying to handle two big families at the same time. The best option is to have the bride’s family show up first for their photos and then have them leave when the groom’s family arrives and begins their photos. This works like a charm and helps the photo shoots to run smoothly.

Have the wedding couple appoint a coordinator.

Ask the bride and groom to assign a few people who can act as their voice when they are not available. Bridesmaids and the best man are common choices, because they know the wedding plans and will usually know the thoughts and wishes of the couple better than anyone else in the ceremony. They can be very helpful during the pre-event photos and can help you find certain family members for those special shots. You can also go to them during the reception to ask questions if you need photos and do not want to disturb the new couple.

Talk with the pastor or minister beforehand.

Different churches, synagogues, and venues have different policies about photography and filming within the church. Different religions also have different protocols and regulations for ceremonies and what can and cannot be photographed. It is important to ask beforehand and to know all the regulations you need to follow so that you do not ruffle feathers or inadvertently offend someone.

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