Proposal Photography in Washington DC: Getting it Done Right!

Aside from your wedding day, the moment you propose and get that answer is possibly one of the biggest times of your life. You want it done right and you want to capture the perfect moment with the perfect photos. In order to do this you need to find someone that specializes in proposal photography in Washington DC that fits your needs and can give you what you want. Here are some ideas for the perfect proposal photo shoot!

Inspiring Backdrop

How to do it: Find a photo spot that holds a special meaning to you and your special someone- your favorite date spot, an inspiring place, or just a beautiful place for your photos.

Subtle Ring Flash

How to do it: Have your photographer take a close up of your arms and hands, arms intertwined, fingers laced together to show off the ring as the center piece of the photo.

Whatever the Weather Embrace

How to do it: Check to see what they weather will be that day and work it into the photo- rain, sun, or snow; they can all make memorable photos for your proposal announcements.

Prop Assisted Pose

How to do it: Choose something that relates to you as a couple- travel fans can use a suitcase or garden lovers can pose in a field of flowers, or the food lovers can pose at an outdoor cafe.

Our Special Place

How to do it: Pick a spot that holds special memories for your relationship and use that spot to propose- where your first date was or the first place you kissed are possible ideas.

Faceless Pose

How to do it: This is a pretty simple pose since it’s basically shot from the head down, so just be yourself and let the photographer snap off photos without having to worry how you look.

Give a Sign

How to do it: Write a note, like the ones seen everywhere on social media, and hold it up for the camera as you share a kiss with your special someone.

Did one of these ideas inspire you to make your proposal extra special? Are you ready to pop the question to your significant other? If you need someone you can trust to handle the photo shoot for your proposal, look no further than Rodney Bailey. He has years of experience, and he is a highly sought after photographer.

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