Washington DC Professional Wedding Photography | Preserving the Past

Washington DC Professional Wedding Photography | Preserving the Past

It’s your big day, and you have everything planned – the venue, caterer, photographer. Everything is in place. All’s that left to do is have the best time of your life with your future spouse, family, and friends. A huge moment like a wedding is definitely one worth documenting properly. You want to cherish each detail. Hiring a photographer is a great way to do so. Wedding photography is an investment. Our job is to preserve memories and provide for you, a collection of snapshots of the best day of your life.

Preserve the Past, Memories and Moments

While photography captures the details and the moments of such a big day, there are other things you can preserve as well. Invitations, place cards, printed material, petals, jewelry, and many other little trinkets can be held onto that will remind you and your spouse of your wedding. Of course, pictures are an absolute must. But having something tangible that you can pick up with your hands and feel will bring back so many emotions and feelings. After your big day is done, have someone set aside these little mementos from the day. There are several creative ways to display these memories…a shadowbox, scrapbook, album, or simply putting together a shelf or stand dedicated to your wedding day.

Personally, what I did was save some petals from my bouquet and filled an ornament with them so that I get to see our flowers each Christmas on our family’s tree. It was a sweet (and cheap) gift to give my husband on our first Christmas as a married couple.

Saving these precious details will add such a special touch to your wedding memories. Imagine the special moments your grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will share when looking through all of the items you collected!

Rodney Bailey Photography Rodney Bailey Photography Rodney Bailey Photography

Capturing these moments through Washington DC Professional Wedding Photography is a joy and privilege. Congratulations to this sweet couple.

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