DC Wedding Photographer Tips | What to do the Weeks Before You Say “I Do”

Congratulations! You’re just a few weeks away from saying “I do.” As the final few weeks before the wedding day starts drawing near, take a few deep breaths and start writing down the last minute tasks you need to complete. Follow these tips to sail through the final weeks of wedding preparations.

Put the Complete Ensemble On

It’s important to make sure that everything fits perfectly and no last-minute adjustments are needed. Put the complete wedding day ensemble on at least a week or two ahead of time, even after the alterations have been completed. Start by doing a few laps each day around your house in the shoes you will be wearing so they will be broken in. It may not be a bad idea to add in gel inserts for added comfort throughout the day. Practice your first dance with your fiancé in them as well. Having your dancing shoes ready is important.

The groom will want to make sure that the tux fits him properly and that any additional items such as new cufflinks, ties or bowties match well. Steam the tux free of wrinkles and properly hang it up to keep it neat. If you need to get a haircut or close shave, do say more than 24-hours ahead in case the new cut is not up to your standard.

For the bride, the dress should be tried on with all jewelry and proper undergarments. Many seamstresses suggest wearing a comfortable and versatile strapless bra to help correct any last minute fit issues. Also, try on your jewelry and the lipstick color you will be wearing that day so you can visualize the way everything will go together.

Finalize Vendor Needs

Your vendors are arguably the most important guests at your wedding as they are the reason it will all be coming together. No need to stress, for you can place your trust in them. They are trained professionals in all things wedding and last-minute stress. Review and confirm each of your vendor contracts. Check that the date, location and times, as well as set-up and take-down, still work for each of them. Also, prepare envelopes with tips for each vendor ahead of time. This is an easy way to make sure that you won’t forget, and you can hand them off to someone else to pass out on your behalf.

  • Wedding Planner – Sit down with your planner to prepare a schedule of activities for both the ceremony and reception that will help the day stay organized.
  • Photographer – Prepare a list of groupings of people, specific poses or any interesting family dynamics that your photographer should be aware of ahead of time.
  • DJ/Band – Send your DJ or band over a list of songs that you wish to have played or specifically do not want to be played. Also, make sure that the right version of your selected songs will be played as several covers may exist.
  • Officiants – If you have any selected readings you wish to have read on that day let your officiant know of this.

Square Things Away at Home

If you have any pets, ensure you have someone for them to stay with or a boarder the can go to for a puppy vacay. Speaking of vacations, if you will be leaving directly from your reception for your honeymoon have your bags packed well in advance. Prepare a packing checklist so you can check items off as you pack them. Try to see if you can bring them to the hotel ahead of the day of the wedding. Gather up your passports and travel items in a place where they can’t be forgotten. Confirm with work that all big projects and deadlines are finished before heading out on your paid time off for the wedding/honeymoon to avoid work stress. Clean your house and make the bed. It’s a great feeling to come home from vacation to a house in order.

Give your Team Tasks

Remember that you’re only two people. It’s hard to do it all by yourself. If you feel like you still have a lot to do in the last few weeks before the big day, ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen for help. Divide up items between them that they can bring to the reception area for you. Give them a shopping list and money for any last-minute items. Have your best man take your rings to get cleaned. Invite the girls over for a relaxing night of wine and movies to calm your nerves. Whatever tasks you have left to do are sure to get done as long as you ask for help.


We hope our DC Wedding Photographer Tips will help you plan for the most amazing day with a focus of having the time of your life!


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